Video Game Authority (VGA) Video Game Authority (VGA)

Video Game Authority (VGA) Grading

For Evaluation, Preservation, & Authentication

Provides Peace Of Mind For Buyers / Preserves Condition proudly utilizes VGA's exceptional products & services.

Top Three Reasons VGA Grading Is Important:

  1. Preservation
    By sealing the item in an archival-grade acrylic case, the contents are preserved for years to come.
  2. Authentication
    The authenticity of the item is verified, and a standardized grade is assigned.
  3. Improved Display Quality
    Display your item without worrying about further damage and depreciation.

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Our VGA-graded items are double-boxed, insured, and shipped via UPS Ground. They are packaged carefully with bubble wrap & loose fill (packing peanuts), and include an additional new poly bag. Contact us for international shipping rates. Our online transactions are processed securely by PayPal.

Feel free to contact us with any questions.